Photographs capture a moment in time – or can take us back in time. They make us stand in awe of nature, marvel at an artisan’s creation, share the depth of feeling in a moment…or simply smile at a fond memory.

I try to share my journey, my vision, through the lens of my camera.

It seems everyone thinks they’re a photographer these days – how many of them really capture the bigger picture?


The Photographer

I have always been a student of art & photography. Since childhood, I have collected photos of my journeys; from the Equator to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. I am largely self-taught, though the artistic gene runs heavily through my family. I have studied the art of my relations – among many others – for both inspiration and to develop my skill as an artist.

I also act for radio, theatre, film, television and frequently as an historically inspired character at festivals, special events, historical tours/lectures (some may recognize me as Capt. John Swallow – Buccaneer)

Currently located in the Welland Canal (Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada), or deep in the Chacahoula swamp (S. Louisiana).

Proud First Nations, N. African & French. Canadian Forces Veteran (Infantry).

Questions? Please, contact me!