It’s not everyday you can photograph something this rare & unusual…

Nosfur…what? Nosfurrytooth aka Sciurus Carolinensis Sanguinarius – the legendary (Albino) Vampyre Squirrel!

Nosfurrytooth – to the best of our knowledge, the only one ever captured & mounted!

Stories told to terrify children (and unwelcome visitors) in the Carpathian Mountain region of Romania mention the vampir veveriță (vampyre squirrel) – a mutated Gray Squirrel that suffers from albinism,  likely due to it’s tendency to hunt only at night. Gray Squirrels are not native to Romania, but have become an invasive species spreading across Europe from the UK. Grey Squirrels carry the squirrelpox virus which is deadly to the native Red Squirrels but does not affect the host.

This extremely rare creature was allegedly mounted for the infamous Dr. Moreau and found it’s way into a private collection. It has never before been publicly displayed!

Photographed for the owner and The Spiritorium – A Compendium of Knowledge & Apothecary

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