Photographers For Good

Red DapplePhotographers for Good Foundation is a non-profit corporation that was formed in 2012 by its founder Ivan Makarov. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a platform for photographers to give back through their art.

This is an organization that set out to do good using the talents of the photography community to promote and raise funds for worthy causes. As it happens, the first cause is one of our own; Photographer Lee Daniels.

Lee Daniels is feisty, loving, friendly, a magnificent professional writer and fine art photographer. She’s an elementary school teacher who continues to teach, love and praise others. She was recently diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. Because of her health situation she’s unable to get out and take pictures. Like most independent photographers she doesn’t have health insurance. You can imagine the stress and pain this would cause. Lee is a fighter. Let’s help her win this fight.

We are a community of photographers who are providing our photographs for a special price to benefit Lee Daniels in her time of need. All proceeds from the sale of prints in the gallery below will be donated to Lee Daniels to help her with the medical costs of cancer treatments. The prints will be sold and fulfilled through SmugMug and Bay Photo Lab.

In the first two days there were over 300 submissions to the cause and it continues to grow.

As many others have done, I submitted my photo “Red Dapple” (above) to help in this effort.

This fundraising effort ended July 2012

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