Pricing begins at $200 minimum for the first hour of a single shoot/session. This may vary depending on requirements, location, etc. Product photography runs at the same rate, but may include extra charges based on the number of products to be photographed.

Licensing a photo for print or digital use is also an option. Rate to be negotiated based on proposed use, distribution and other details of the licensing agreement. All licensed images remain copyright property of the Photographer unless otherwise stated in the License Agreement.

A Professional Stylist (hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc.) and/or Food Stylist (Professional Chef) may be available for photo shoots at a minimum cost of $80 per hour.

Additional charges may be incurred depending on travel time, wait time, type of shoot, usage of results and other details. A selection of the total shots will be developed to best suit your requirements.

Selected final results will be delivered electronically (may be delivered on CD/DVD at an extra cost). All final shots may be made available in “web friendly” format for personal use only (suitable for uploading to Social Media, online portfolio or emailing to friends/family…) these images may contain watermarks.

Printing is priced separately based on your needs (size, media, etc.)
All prints are priced/sold frameless so that you may have it matted and framed to suit your taste & environment.

Additional developing, processing or printing will incur additional charges.

NOTE: The Photographer retains full Copyright to all images and retains the right to showcase the images in website galleries, photographic portfolios and publications (both digital and print).
You may not publish or offer for sale any photos without permission or licensing from the Photographer.
Licensing of current works may be available, or shots created for such use  – please inquire. (The Photographer does not warrant whether your final use of the image requires additional permissions. It is your sole responsibility to assure that the photo you are licensing is suitable for the use in which you intend to publish it.)

Framed or Gallery Wrapped Canvas prints of my work are available for sale through Imagekind. For other options, please contact me.