Rockin’ The Waterfront

For more than 25 years, John & Kenny have turned their love of classic cars into an event & fundraiser of epic proportions!

“Rockin’ The Waterfront” is a weekly Cruise Night that features a showing of around 400 classic cars each night from virtually every era of the 20th Century; from an original 1919 Ford Model T, to a 1970s era Purple Pinto Wagon – and everything in between. Supporting the local Hospitals, SPCA, Legion, United Way, and much more throughout the Community of Hamilton (Ontario, Canada).

Cruise Nights of this kind may not be as prolific as they once were, but the ones that do exist reflect the enthusiasm of the participants & organizers. The true spirit of having a good time, supporting the Community and showing off some treasured bits of history!

Here is just a sampling of the fine automobiles to be seen!

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