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If you’ve looked through the site, you’ve noticed I don’t exactly shoot typical photographs…but then you’re not typical either, are you?

Obviously I can photograph Fashion, Personal, Portrait or Event Photography. I prefer to shoot outdoors when possible – the light is better and there are many opportunities for interesting locations.

Product photography can also be done in natural settings if suitable, or at your location. For many products, a more “catalogue” style of shot is desired and available.

Digital Archiving

We all have memories we’d like to preserve; old photos, awards and the like. For photographs & documents, I offer digital scanning (8.5″ x 11″ maximum recommended for most documents). Paintings, wall hangings and similar “flat” art may, in some cases, be scanned using available technology to create an excellent digital copy. Items behind glass are problematic, but not necessarily out of the question.

Photograph of a photo vs Digital Scan
Photo of a photo vs. digital scanning

For most precious objects, a photograph or two (similar to a commercial product shot) will accomplish a similar preservation. Some digital restoration may be done with photographs to enhance the image where possible.

While less common in this era, I can also digitally convert your old audio! Cassette tapes or CDs may be converted to MP3 format (or any other digital format) and even digitally enhanced to some degree; I can even convert between formats if necessary. While the hardware to playback some of these older formats is dwindling, if you have working hardware with at least a headphone output, I may be able to convert it to a digital format…just ask.

Art Prints

Are you an artist looking to sell prints of your originals? We can work together to accomplish just that. A clean copy of your art, suitable for high resolution printing at any facility you choose, ready to be mounted or framed to taste. A great way to access a wider market (and make extra income) from your skill & hard work, while maintaining the integrity of your pricing on your originals. It also adds a layer to promoting your original, since that many more people will see the image as a print, perhaps reaching that singular person who wishes to own the original artwork! You may select to hand sign and number prints to preserve the inherent value – and to preserve your “brand”.

HD Video Recording

Video has become more common than ever before – YouTube alone is one of the largest video content providers in the world. Whether you want to promote a Presentation, Conference, Event, Lesson/DIY or any other project, video can be an effective way to do so.

I can record your promotion/presentation with live audio, or simply add a musical background in post-production. Basic editing is included, where necessary. Final format will be suitable for posting to YouTube or other online services.