South Louisiana Bayou

edd_8360This is the beauty of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana (US). Thanks to “extended family”, Captain Wendy Wilson-Billiot, for sharing her home and her love of the Wetlands with so many people. Follow her blog for more on life in the Louisiana Bayou – and visit for a truly educational Tour, Fishing Charter or the ultimate “Bayou Woman Adventure”!

America’s Wetlands are under attack – and have been for about 100 years. Our most valuable resource and the source of life itself – freshwater – is being infused with saltwater from storm surges, land loss (due to our own greed and stupidity), invasive species and pollution. Nowhere is this more obvious, or more important, than South Louisiana. People have lived on the Bayous of Terrebonne Parish for over 5 centuries, yet in a mere hundred years oil & gas “exploration” (“exploitation” would be more accurate) has destroyed more than half of the entire the ecosystem in the southern end of the state! Places where people once farmed for generations next to a pristine freshwater lake are now open water; the lake a mere memory of the name with no land left to define it and saltwater to replace it. Shimpers, Oystermen & Fishermen suffer as Freshwater breeding grounds are inundated with Saltwater and more invasive species move into the area.


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