Oldest Sugar Maple In Canada

Comfort Maple

Named the “Comfort Maple” for the family whose land this has been since 1816 (and who donated this small plot to the region), this tree is believed to be the oldest Sugar Maple in Canada – approximated at 500 years! It is surrounded by farmland and was officially sanctioned for continued preservation in 1961 by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.The tree is over 80 feet tall (125 feet at the crown) and the trunk is at least 20 feet around at the base. The branches spread out over 20 feet in every direction.

The tree was struck by lightning (some years ago) which split the massive trunk and burned it somewhat, but conservation efforts (and sheer natural energy) have kept it going. Many of the branches are so long and heavy they have been tethered to keep them from breaking in high winds.

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